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Simple yet powerful marketing

All your marketing activity in one place. Tied together for greater insight, simplicity and efficiency.

Marketing. Measured.

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Gurgl CRM

Empowering businesses to do amazing marketing

Gurgl is an award-winning digital marketing product, but what does it do? Basically, Gurgl provides a simple, user-friendly dashboard through which you can handle all your marketing in one place.

The powerful bit is the valuable insight you gain from organising and linking all your activities. This empowers you to measure impact and work out what you should do more of.


Simple CRM

Intuitive, easy to use CRM with contact and lead management.



Create beautiful mail campaigns and gain valuable insights into your contacts.



A simple yet effective central marketing view with powerful insights.



Monitor your website visitors, all tied conveniently to your campaigns and CRM.



Measure your social impact all in one convenient place.



Track your leads, pipeline value and closed sales.

Gurgl CRM screenshot

Beautifully Simple

We keep things simple so you can easily see what works for your business and focus on doing more of that! Let Gurgl take the stress out of your marketing.

Powerful Data

Overwhelmed by the amount of data you have? Gurgl will take care of it for you and present you with just the powerful information that really matters. Save time, take control!

Gurgl CRM screenshot

Take the guesswork out of your marketing

Easy-to-use tool to make your life easier. All the smart stuff is under the hood.

But don't take it from us...

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